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Brain Gain Marketing is the brain child of Robert Clayton, a marketing and business development veteran with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He believes that applying traditional marketing values in the digital world can help even novice entrepreneurs succeed.

Joining Robert Clayton are Emily Greene and Lucas Smith-Johnson. Emily is an SEO and Social Media expert the next big digital marketing trends. Lucas Smith-Johnson is a branding and advertising specialist with experience in turning start-ups into established companies. The Brain Gain Marketing team uses this combined expertise to deliver marketing advice that helps businesses stay ahead of their competition. Together, they de-mystify marketing and make it accessible for


Robert Clayton

Robert Clayton has over 30 years of experience in the marketing and business development industry. He has helped various businesses create development strategies that set them apart from their competition. Fortune 500 Companies regularly consult Robert on how to modernize their business practices, but his real passion comes from working with SME’s and giving them the tools to grow.

On his downtime (whenever he can find it), Robert, or “Bobby” to his friends, enjoys model ship building, working on classic cars, going on fishing trips with his son, or taking his wife out to their mountain cabin in the Ozarks.

Emily Greene

An MBA holder and Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Emily grew up on technology and is an early adopter of tools and practices that are now industry standards. She believes that marketing and technology complement each other, and by marrying the two, start-ups and SME’s can disrupt the business world and compete with some of the biggest corporations out there.

At 38, Emily Greene still considers herself a millennial. She graduated with a degree in computer engineering and uses the knowledge she gained there in her social media and SEO practices. She is a life-long Red Sox fan, and is a mother to two lovely girls.

Lucas Smith-Johnson

Lucas Smith-Johnson is Brain Gain Marketing’s resident branding and advertising expert. Lucas has over 15 years of experience in the industry, leading various advertising campaigns for both SME’s and Fortune 500 companies.

On the weekends, Lucas unwinds with videogames, going to the gym, and a couple of beers with friends. He prefers the beach over the mountains and is secretly a Susan Sarandon fan.

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