The Latest Marketing News from Around the World

The world of marketing is a constantly evolving one, especially once you throw technology into the mix. With new developments in social media and online tools every week, marketing trends could come and go just as fast, and a campaign that was hot and fresh a month ago could become stale and outdated the next day.

Luckily, Brain Gain Marketing has an in-house team of experts with their ears on the ground. Robert Clayton, editor-in-chief, has been in the marketing business for over 30 years, and he credits his success to constantly staying updated with marketing trends. Not only does this put him ahead of the competition, it also helps him evolve with the growing needs of the industry.

Emily Greene, our resident SEO and social media specialist, grew up with technology and knows just how fast people can shift from one fad to the other. She leveraged this experience throughout her entire marketing career, applying the concept of evolving with the times and going with the flow of marketing fads. Branding expert Lucas Smith-Johnson also knows just how fickle the marketing industry can be. Lucas was in the advertising industry for over a decade, and saw first-hand how consumer tastes change from one campaign to the other.

Staying ahead of the competition means you need to be updated with the latest developments from across the marketing industry. Brain Gain Marketing carefully sifts through and selects the latest, most relevant marketing news from across the world, giving you the most up-to-date information and the hottest trends.


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