Online Marketing

Online marketing, more commonly known as digital marketing, is the practice of marketing a brand or company using the internet. It’s a popular practice among tech start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises because of its flexibility, scale of reach, and affordability. Although a relatively new practice, online marketing has seen a surge in use over the last decade or so, thanks to the widespread availability of technology and social media.

Modern marketers hail online marketing as the future, and that we should all do away with the traditional methods of marketing. But is it really the miracle campaign maker they make it out to be?

While it’s true that online marketing has unseated print, radio, and TV ads as the preferred method of branding, many experts still believe that, while the methods have changed, the values of traditional marketing remain the same, even in the internet age.

The marriage of traditional marketing values (such as “content is king”, or user-centrism) with modern technology (such as SEO and social media) can greatly increase the viability of online campaigns. Bridging the two not only requires up-to-date information on the latest trends, it also requires a solid background on marketing concepts and practices.

Brain Gain Marketing believes in synergizing the past with the future, and creating new opportunities for SMEs to grow their business using the latest tools powered by traditional values. Here, we publish thought-provoking articles, opinion pieces, and studies from our community of readers and our in-house team of experts.


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