What is Traditional Marketing

In essence, traditional marketing is any type of marketing effort, such as advertisements or promotions, which uses practices and methods that have a long history of success. This may include billboards, print ads, radio ads, TV commercials, and the like.

One of the biggest advantages of traditional marketing is, well, the proven track record. Historically, radio ads have always worked, so have TV commercials and print ads. And it is still effective today. However, is it the most effective method of promoting your brand or company?

In many ways, the internet has revolutionized all aspects of life, from the way we consume everyday goods and services to how we do business. With this innovation, however, comes a disruption of how things were, especially in marketing: TV commercials are now being supplanted by online videos, print ads are replaced by eye-catching computer graphics, among other things.

While digital marketing has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade or so, traditional marketing has more than a century of proven success. Both ways, of course, have their advantages AND disadvantages, and it’s always best to strategize your business’ unique needs before committing to either.

Brain Gain Marketing publishes the latest think-pieces, editorials, and articles about traditional marketing, all of which seek to address issues surrounding it. From our in-house team of experts to user-submitted opinions, we enlighten the entrepreneur about traditional marketing and its uses in the modern world.


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