What Gen Z Wants To See in Advertising

Generation Z, sometimes referred to as Zoomers, is dramatically different from its predecessors. This generation is the first to be born and raised in a world where they can freely access the internet and navigate the digital world as well as the real one. Non-stop entertainment is more accessible than ever before, giving this generation what is likely the most content-rich upbringing in history.

Gen Z and Technology

Go into any Gen Zers’ room, and you’ll notice that they are surrounded by technology of some sort—whether it’s on their wall, bookcase, or desk. These youngsters are constantly plugged into a device and will likely have access to a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch.

As a result of this upbringing, Gen Z values uniqueness and creativity more than ever before. They’re not watching the same ads as other generations because they’ve been bombarded with so many types—from vloggers on YouTube and TikTok to a 30-second commercial on a TV show.

This generation tends to have less patience and be more critical of ads because they’ve been exposed to much. If your ad isn’t interesting enough, you can bet that Gen Zers won’t hesitate to click it away or turn the channel.

Brands that want to capture Zoomers need to refocus their content strategy. Some digital content strategy services have successfully overseen marketing campaigns that have resonated with young audiences.

So, what does Gen Z want to see in ads?

Something New and Refreshing

As mentioned, Gen Zers don’t have patience for ads that feel too generic or typical. They’ve seen it all before. There’s no point in showing them another tacky TV commercial or Facebook ad when they can easily block it with an ad-blocker. Besides, you’re not going to capture a teenager’s attention with a commercial about how great your product is for everyone—they don’t want to see it.

Gen Zers are looking for advertising that manages to break through the noise and grab their attention. This is easier said than done. There are so many ads out there now, but you can do it by presenting a thought-provoking or unique ad.

Diverse group of people working on a project

Social Justice and Diversity

In contrast to previous generations, Gen Z is more socially aware and highly passionate about social justice. They want brands to take a stand on issues affecting people of all ages today.

Gen Zers are highly critical of brands that don’t portray every color or walk of life. They want their values represented by the brands they purchase from, so companies need to do so if they want Zoomers as customers.

Quality Video Content

One thing has become apparent over the past five years: Zoomers love video content, and there’s no denying it now. Not only do Gen Zers spend more time watching videos than any other generation, but they also share content much more often.

This is why Gen Z wants to see quality video content in their ads. Zoomers are less interested in TV commercials and far more invested in bloggers. They’ll love it if your ad features a popular vlogger or other social media influencers talking about the product advertised rather than some mannequin simulating human emotion. It works because it’s authentic—something that this generation loves to see.


Gen Zers are constantly connected to the internet, making them much more aware. They can see right through false advertising or marketing strategies that don’t align with the brand’s values.

They want businesses to show their true colors in all of their ads because they’re smart enough to be able to tell when brands are trying too hard. Zoomers will appreciate it if you don’t pretend like your product is something that it’s not and instead show off its features honesty — one that resonates with this generation.

What Do They Really Want?

At the end of the day, Gen Zers aren’t looking for boring ads that portray social justice values while also being exciting and creative. They also want authenticity, not cliche and blatantly false claims consumers have suffered through decades before. If you’re to do this convincingly, you need to focus on video content with influencers and other celebrities they know and trust.

Old marketing tactics no longer work as effectively with Gen Z as with previous generations. Tapping into this generation’s values is the best way forward if you’re trying to reach Zoomers. They’re very different from Boomers, Gen Xers, and even Millennials. Gen Z isn’t easy to please, but when you can give them what they want, there’s no stopping you.

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