Creative Ideas for Your Company’s Freebies

A business always aims to satisfy its clients in one way or another. It can be because it provides great service, follows ethical practices, and delivers consistent quality, which can keep customers interested and loyal. Some companies go as far as giving away items, but it won’t help if these gifts are uninteresting and impractical. You can follow the same route—not just with offering quality service but also offering useful and unique freebies. That said, here are fresh ideas for your business’ own giveaways.

Love Notes

Postcards or picture notes may sound like outdated kinds of gifts, but your company can insert discount passes with them. You’ll notice that almost every company offers the same kind of reward to their loyal paying customers, but people will be glad to accept discount coupons and use them before they expire. The greeting card also gives the impression that the establishment is very thankful for the clients’ patronage and is willing to send the same regards back. A discount will also encourage them to return and possibly be loyal clients in the future.

Planners and Other Writing Material

Most people are aware of some cafes’ promotional offer of getting a planner after a certain number of completed purchases. Similarly, you can choose a specific design and think of ways to personalise your giveaways so that your customers can truly appreciate them. Add discounts as part of the planner to encourage them to return and invite family members and friends over. Most importantly, every time they use your journal, they will always see your company’s logo on it as a reminder for them of what they’ve gained by purchasing your products. Along with planners, you can also have notepads and other writing materials printed out by your chosen business stationery printing company so that you can also handout freebies to your employees and their family members.

Purses and Wallets

Wallet on a wooden surfacePurses and wallets are items where we keep our money and pull out when we are ready to spend. Providing wallets as giveaways is also an efficient way of giving a corporate twist to an everyday object. Just like with planners and journals, your clients will remember your company’s name every time they make a payment anywhere else. You can also squeeze in some discount cards inside as an extra freebie that will encourage them to do business with you in the future.

Giveaways may seem to be small things when you think about it, but they help make most customers feel appreciated enough to make them keep coming back. Also, they would be motivated to recommend your business to their friends and families, which is another form of advertising. Of course, with more people knowing about your business, you will have a better chance of getting more regulars. These patrons, in turn, will provide your company profit and a chance to expand. The customer may not always be right as some believe, but they deserve to be treated like royalty and receive our thanks for their present and future transactions.

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