Different Types of Industrial Scrubbers and Their Benefits

Homeowners should be responsible for cleaning their household appliances and another décor at home. This is to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris inside and outside the house. At the same, regular cleaning and maintenance are important to ensure smooth and long-lasting usage.

However, the same should apply for industrial equipment. Maintaining industrial equipment is different and more complicated than residential or commercial appliances. For one, an industrial scrubber is used for pollution control.

It aids in cleaning of any harmful chemicals that can contaminate the equipment and prevents potential damage in the future.

Different types of industrial scrubbers

Industrial scrubbers remove toxic chemicals and wash it away from the equipment. There are different types of scrubbers which also serves other purposes.

With that said, it is important to know the different industrial scrubber types and how to choose the right one according to your needs. Industrial scrubbers vary on the method of cleaning contaminants from gas streams. Some use liquid to clean pollutants and the most common type of scrubber.

On the other hand, some use a dry substance to remove toxic contaminants from the exhaust streams. Lastly, some scrubbers use a chemical agent in removing substances from the equipment.

  • Wet scrubbers. Wet industrial scrubbers involve using water contained in a composite or metal container. Toxic gases then pass through the water-filled container and absorb the contaminants.
  • Dry scrubbers. As the name suggests, it does not use any form of liquid to clean toxic chemicals. Instead, it uses a dry material, usually an alkaline slurry, which absorbs and removes the harmful substances in gases such as acid.
  • Electrostatic precipitators. This uses charged energy to eliminate contaminants from gas. It is important that it should match the energy’s polarity to effectively remove the contaminants from gases.

Benefits of using industrial scrubbers

More and more industrial facility personnel are already discovering the benefits of industrial scrubbers. For one, there is less labor needed in cleaning industrial equipment.

Cleaning equipment manually, especially those with potentially-hazardous chemicals, can put workers at risk of contamination and acquiring illnesses. Other important benefits of using industrial scrubbers include the following:

1. It is more effective than cleaning manually.

Using conventional cleaning tools can be harder if you are cleaning larger areas, including industrial equipment. You cannot be assured that the area will be cleaned completely using manual cleaning tools. Plus, it can be more inefficient using manual cleaning tools than when using industrial scrubbers.

2. It is more efficient and cost-saving in the long run.

As mentioned, cleaning a large space can be harder when there is a lack of human resources. While hiring additional workers can make the cleaning task faster, workforce costs can skyrocket over time. Logistical issues may even arise at some point.

By using industrial scrubbers, cleaning time will be slashed into half. At the same time, human resources cost will be cut because there is no need for a lot of personnel to use industrial cleaning tools. It can do the cleaning job better than relying on cleaning personnel.

3. It offers more safety among users.

industrial scrubber being used in cleaning the floor

Using industrial scrubbers can put users at lower risk of encountering accidental contamination with harmful chemicals. Industrial scrubbers absorb toxic gas and dust efficiently with minimal contact on humans.

It also neutralizes harmful gases during the cleaning process. Hence, using industrial scrubbers are safer than manual cleaning.

Using industrial scrubbers are important among industrial machine owners. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. At the same time, it ensures safety among all personnel.

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