Do you Love to Talk? I have a Job for You

Back when you were younger, it’s easy for you to approach people, make friends, and just talk with people about different things. You’re the life of the party, the energizer in the room, and the moodmaker that just makes it easy for everyone to interact.

You may have taken a totally unrelated course, but you can still make the most out of your love for talking. In fact, you can make it a career and make good money from doing what you love most. But it’s not like you can just wake up one day and decide that you’ll try and earn money with your talking skills.

You need a solid plan, a legit job to jumpstart your career. You can start with the following list of fulfilling jobs for people who love to talk.


You love peering into the minds of the people you interact with just as much as you love talking with them. If you have a solid background in psychology, especially if you’ve studied it in your younger days, you can aspire to become a counseling psychologist.

Tasked with assessing and evaluating people’s problems, a counseling psychologist is an in-demand job that also pays well. People are now more open about their mental health, and we’re starting to embrace these therapy sessions as a way to address these problems.

You’ll be talking with your patients, and that’s the key to finding out how to help them. At the end of the day, you’ve used your skills to help others.

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Use your talking skills to help peoplebuild and grow their businesses by becoming a business consultant. You’re working as a guide to help business owners make better decisions, invest wisely, and steer their company towards success. You can be a general consultant, or focus on a field or industry that you like.

For example, you can strive hard to become a franchise development expert or consultant for small businesses who are looking to buy a franchise or start one. Aside from being able to talk for hours during meetings with various people, you also need the knowledge to fulfill whatever is being requested for your role.

Motivational Speakers

Now, if you are more interested in helping others on a more personal level, your best bet would be to become a motivational speaker. In this job, you’ll strive hard to push your clients to their limits to discover better versions of themselves. You aim to motivate your listeners and move them towards a goal.

If you think motivational speaking is not for you, you can try one-on-one lessons instead. You can do this by becoming a coach for whatever industry you target. Be it a life coach or a financial manager, a personal fitness trainer, or even a chef, and you can finally make a career from your love of speaking and interacting with others.

There are many career options to choose from for those who really love speaking. They can leverage their skills to make their careers shine. Just choose which one resonates with you and would allow you room for growth.

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