Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Car Engine’s Horsepower

Most cars these days are built to last and go fast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t want more out of your vehicle’s performance. This is especially true if you’ve got an older model that hasn’t caught up to modern technology. If you want to boost your cars’ engine power so that it can run faster than ever, here are some effective strategies to do just that.

Attach cat-back exhaust systems or performance headers

A high-quality, cat-back exhaust system coupled with a performance exhaust header moves more air out of the cars’ engine and adds a boost of power by reducing back pressure in the exhaust. This results in an increase in top speed and quicker acceleration. When you upgrade the exhaust, you’re creating a better pathway for gases to escape which allows your engine to breathe easier. You can find excellent quality performance exhausts all around Melbourne.

Add a cold-air intake system

A cold-air intake system will be able to route cooler outside air into your engine. This unlocks extra horsepower since colder air is much denser. Make sure to look for one with a proper heat shield because, without it, a cold-air intake system will suck hot air out of the engine compartment which ultimately negates any performance gains.

Invest in forced induction

If your car’s engine is naturally aspirated, forced induction will give you a boost in power. You can do this by bringing a turbocharger or supercharger into the engine mechanism.

Turbochargers generate power by utilizing leftover exhaust gases which spins a turbine wheel which then forces more air into the engine. More air means your engine can burn more fuel, thus creating more power.

Superchargers work the same way by forcing more air into the engine. The only difference is that superchargers have an instantaneous response, whereas turbochargers have been known to lag a bit as it builds boost. If you can, don’t forget to invest in supporting modifications like a heavy-duty cooling system or clutch since adding forced induction puts a bit more strain on your vehicle’s engine.

Reduce your car’s weight

It’s a given that a lighter car is more aerodynamic and moves much faster than a heavier one. Get rid of any extra weight in your car by replacing bulky parts with lighter components. This includes replacing the engine block, switching out glass windows for acrylic ones, doing away with extra seats, getting rid of unused items stored in your trunk, and substituting traditional brakes for disc brakes.

Convert your engine

Close up of car engine

If all else fails, you can always swap out your engine for a more powerful motor. This is something you can do if you don’t want to modify the internals of your existing engine and if you’ve already gotten the most out of bolt-on power upgrades. This may be the most costly and labor-intensive solution, but it’s also the fastest and most efficient way to increase your car’s horsepower. There are various types of engines that satisfy a variety of needs and preferences, so it’s best to speak with a mechanic to explore your options and see which one suits your fancy.

Rule the road by increasing your car’s horsepower with these simple yet effective tips.

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