Factors to Consider when Purchasing Liquid-Filling Machines

One of the fasted growing sectors of the beverage industry is crafts beer. It points to how product lines are evolving to match consumer demands. Manufacturers now want equipment that can deliver without having to pick one for each product. Before anything else, when shopping for liquid filling machines, consider the filling and metering systems. From peristaltic to piston systems, the one you pick will affect variables like accuracy, fill volumes, fill rates and the viscosity of the product. Additionally, the metering system will impact the changeover period between recipes.

Liquid filling equipment manufacturers make the machines to be wholly or semi-automated. The one you end up with is a choice you have to make. Whatever your needs though, the filling system needs to be able to match them. To achieve this, consider the following:

The viscosity of the product

If a filling solution is suitable for your needs, you must know your needs and in this case, the product you will be making. Is it semi-viscous or water-like? Is the product extremely thick? Answering the question of viscosity will help in knowing the configurations of the equipment you want. Thickness will determine the metering system and the fill rate. Accurately identifying it will make a huge difference in the production process.

Type of containers

What containers will you be filling? For instance, plastic bottles will have different demands compared to glass containers. What is the shape of your choice containers? What about size? Are the openings large or small? Will stability be a question to consider? The container type will impact the design and development of the filling system.

The fill rate

In production, if a company is to make any profits, they have to consider how fast they produce the product versus the market demand. Towards answering this question, one must think about the ideal number of containers they need to fill in an hour or a production shift. Whatever the choice of machine you pick, it needs to be able to produce as you expect. When thinking about fill rates, also consider the volumes and the metering systems.

The fill volume

bottle packaging at a factory

It sounds difficult that you would even consider the fill volumes. However, quantities are essential to the other factors discussed above. Secondly, there are industry requirements. Remember to follow them to keep compliant with the standards. It pays to have a grasp of the required volumes for your area before beginning the production process.

Today’s equipment must be designed to accommodate different products if they are viable. They must maximize production efficiency without being too complicated. Liquid filling machines need to be able to perform with minimal waste, minimal changeover times, maximum accuracy and simple sanitation. This is why it is critical to know the details of the product, for example, when picking a filling machine. Note that all the factors that have been discussed above are interconnected. This means that it is impossible to get a satisfactory system without an in-depth look at your product and how best to present it to consumers.

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