Fun and Fascinating Facts About Mexican Food

If you are one of many who choose to buy a Mexican restaurant franchise, you’re in luck. Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular food choices in the world. It boasts of a wide variety of flavors and textures wrapped in a wide range of tasty presentations. There’s just so much Mexican cuisine that Mexican restaurants have to offer, which makes them such a success. Here are some of the most interesting and fun facts about Mexican food that you need to know. You had better understand the roots of the success of your Mexican restaurant franchise.

Mexican food is healthy

From salsa, tacos, burritos, to enchiladas, the first thing you notice about Mexican food is that a lot of it is a mix of a whole lot of food groups. Vegetables, meat, and flour-based tortillas all constitute a range of sources of protein and carbohydrates. Hence, every Mexican meal is full and balanced by itself.

Milkshakes started in Mexico

Emperor Moctezuma was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors enjoying beverage prepared with chocolate that was sweetened with honey. While this was a raw preparation, it evolved through the years to becomes the sweet and tasty treats that we call “milkshakes” today.

Authentic quesadillas are different

For many Americans, quesadillas are delicious cheese-filled tortillas often enjoyed as snacks dipped in salsa. Surprisingly, the authentic Mexican quesadillas are much more filled with ingredients. They feature beef, chicken, and pork as the main fillings. This makes them far more than snacks. They can be meals themselves.

Chili goes with everything

Nacho Chips

Spicy chili is the reason why many buy a Mexican restaurant franchise from reputable Mexican restaurant chains such as Baja Fresh. It offers a unique and tangy flavor to every savory meal. The flavor is even featured prominently in the famous salsa dip that accompanies many delicious meals. In Mexico, they take it one step further and feature it in their desserts for a unique spicy-sweet combination.

Mexicans love beef a lot!

Beef is commonly featured in some of the most popular Mexican dishes out there. It’s in the tastiest tacos and the most bombastic burritos. The beef used in these types of food come from very delicious cow meat that many people are used to. Mexicans, however, don’t waste the rest of the cow. Many other Mexican dishes feature other less popular parts such as the udder and even the testicles.

Tortillas are like rice or rolls

Tortillas are featured in many popular dishes that form the basis of the Mexican food that we occasionally enjoy. In Mexico, tortillas are so much more commonly consumed. In fact, they’re a staple food in dinner tables down south—much like rice or dinner rolls or even mashed potatoes. They’re just that popular.

Guacamole is also very different

Two ingredients commonly associated with guacamole are garlic and lime. To many who have tried them, the thought of “guac” sans these two seem sacrilegious. Here’s another funny truth: authentic guacamole isn’t made with garlic and lime. In Mexico, asking to have these added will only win you funny looks.

Hold the margaritas!

Finally, margaritas are not a Mexican invention. In fact, it was a German ambassador visiting Mexico who came up with the now famous cocktail after experimenting with tequila.

No one will disagree that Mexican food is truly delicious and tasty. Restaurants with a Mexican slant tend to be very popular for that reason. If you’re thinking of a franchise to invest in, you can’t go wrong with Mexican cuisine.

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