HVAC 101: Optimising System to Efficient Energy Use and Comfortable Setting

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It’s a technology that makes life inside the house — or any building for that matter — better and easier. A house should have an efficient HVAC system to make the indoors a comfortable environment.

With that, buying an HVAC system for your Auckland home is one of the most sensible things you can do to keep your family comfortable all the time, regardless of the season. Below are some ways to make your HVAC system efficient as much as possible. Whether it’s an HVAC for your home or business you want to optimise, these steps can help you accomplish it.

HVAC Optimisation

Measure the accurate energy use of your HVAC system so you get a good grasp of how it functions. Through this, you’ll be able to tell how you can optimise it further. This is how you can condition the whole system effectively.

When optimising, make sure you do it for the whole HVAC system. Don’t just concentrate on one component and ignore the rest. Optimising the whole system allows you to increase overall energy efficiency. Remember to check the HVAC’s functions regularly. It helps in getting accurate measurements, which allows for full optimisation.

As with any piece of equipment, making sure you turn it off when not in use is one way to save energy. This also lets the HVAC rest. Program your HVAC to function in areas where there are people. To do that, install motion sensors or timers.

HVAC Functionality

installing an hvac system

Thermostat functionality is important in HVAC systems. You want the right temperature in a certain area, meaning you don’t want it too cold or too hot. This is why the thermostat should be calibrated properly. It should read the correct temperature and adjust accordingly.

Aside from the thermostat, you should always check the economisers. It’s common for the dampers to malfunction due to faulty controls and slipped linkages. Some people address this problem by putting a piece of wood to the outside air damper so it stays open. The problem with this is it keeps the outside damper open all the time. However, there are times it should stay close that’s why it should be repaired immediately if it happens.

The HVAC System

The continuous use of the HVAC system results in dirty coils. There’s dirt buildup so the whole system functions in a less desirable degree. It’s important to hire a professional cleaner for your home’s HVAC. For this, it’s best to hire a staff that can clean all parts effectively.

Make use of submetering. It is common for buildings or compounds to only have one electric meter, but installing this will help you monitor the energy use for each area. This is helpful so it’s easier to address the areas that need attention.

The HVAC system is an integral part of any home or building. Without it, surviving extreme weather conditions is harder. This is why optimising it should be in your priority list. People at home or in the building will thank you for making sure that the environment is always comfortable.

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