Keeping the Office Clean for Better Productivity

The office is one busy place, but one thing you shouldn’t forget no matter what is to keep it clean. A clean work environment can help make people become more productive because there are few distractions and chances of getting sick.

Getting Started in Your Cleaning Project

One of the most effective ways to make an office look spotless is by cleaning its floors. For concrete and tiled flooring, a walk-behind scrubber can help clean them well through its advanced scrubbing action. For carpeted floors, a vacuum cleaner and a regular deep cleaning service from a professional will do the work.

Next is cleaning the desks, and this one’s easy. You only need a damp, soft cloth to get rid of dirt. CPUs, keyboards, mouse pads, copiers, scanners, and printers can also be wiped with a cloth that’s mixed with a not-so-harsh household cleaner. The telephones, mouthpieces, and headphones can be cleaned using a disinfectant wipe or a cloth with mouthwash (as an alternative).

If you find coffee stains or beverage rings on any of the desks, cleaning it with a damp cloth (using warm water) will do. The desk is susceptible to ballpen and marker inks, as well. If water won’t do, use rubbing alcohol on the stain. Let the alcohol absorb the stain before wiping it with a clean cloth.

Different Areas in the Office That Need Cleaning

The bathroom in the office is well used. For this reason, it may stink regardless if there’s an exhaust fan or an air freshener. This can be remedied with deep cleaning. The bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner to remove stains and odour. The sink area should be scrubbed, while other surfaces should be wiped dry.

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To add, glass surfaces should be cleaned with a glass cleaner — and not any other solution. The toilet bowls also need cleaning, and a toilet bowl cleaner with not much chemicals should do the trick. It’s also important to spray on some air freshener afterwards.

The office may hold different personal things, from photo frames to bookshelves. It’s important to dust off particles from their surfaces to ensure that the office is clean. Aside from that, the trash should be thrown away from the office each day. As there could be recyclable materials in the trash, they should be segregated.

Recyclable materials include paper, glass, plastic, furniture, aluminium cans, and cardboard. Put each type in separate containers for better handling. For example, any kind of paper should be bundled together. Paperwork should be filed together by authorised personnel, so they won’t pile up in the wrong places and be mistaken as trash.

Lastly, the air conditioning system must be clean. Proper maintenance must be done so it will run efficiently. Hire a professional service to check for air conditioning filters, coils, and general cleaning. Having the AC cleaned can also decrease energy consumption.

Cleaning the office can bring positive vibes to the workplace. Implement timely cleaning schedules so the office always looks professional and tidy. With these tricks, the office will be a place that everyone will enjoy working at.

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