Making a Celebrity Speak Up for Your Brand

How would you like to be associated with a celebrity from the world of politics, sports, TV and film? Whether you want it or not, the celebrity status may stick with you too. The same is true when a product or an event is associated with a celebrity. Recognition, trust, respect and awareness all come together when you have sports celebrity speakers on your side.

But nabbing a celebrity endorser is not easy. You need to know certain people who could give you access to the celebrity’s people and management. You also need to make sure that you have the financial capability to handle one. If you want a sports celebrity endorsement, you should consider the following things.

Know your target market.

Know the group of people you want to reach. You have to zero in on the kind of personality your target market would gladly identify with, and also choose a sports celebrity speaker who could represent your brand and idea in the best possible light.

For instance, mature and dignified professional athletes often have a large following from baby boomers and generation X. You may want to have an endorser like this to promote a high-end product, such as expensive watches and top of the line cars. Rolex watches and Aston Martin cars are perfect examples.

If a product is meant for the mass market, it is best to look for a celebrity endorser known to most of the populace. An athlete who has a large following across all markets could make any product more popular and increase a company’s sales revenue. It is best to make sure that the celebrity’s image aligns with the product’s image so it will reach the intended market and match the perceived character of your endorser.

Walk the talk.

Athletes are used to the daily grind of training, and time management is essential for them. They have to make time for meetings, promos, practice, and personal matters. Once you arrange a schedule with your target celebrity endorser, you should make a clear sales pitch and make an appealing offer. Most athletes want to become inspirational figures to young people, so you could use that as a way to say “yes” to you.

Develop a close relationship with the agent or talent manager.

a celebrity working

All celebrities have agents, talent managers and spokespeople who help them manage their time, finances, and appearances. These people set schedules for meetings and other activities that need to be fulfilled because of existing contracts. You should develop a good working relationship with these managers so you could build good rapport. They could help you communicate with the sports celebrity and eventually help you sign the deal.

Having a celebrity endorse a product or a service is one of the best ways to increase revenue. A sports celebrity often adds to the image of dependability, hard work, and success. As long as any company is willing to meet their price and match their ideals, you can secure their services and see your revenues increase too.

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