The Best Ways to Market a Home Improvement Business

Anyone in the home improvement business knows how hard it is to zero in on your market. Sure, many people want to improve their homes. They want change. In the past two years, we’ve seen people remodel and renovate their homes to fit the new normal. But the question is, how do you reach this market? You’ve been seeing a lot of remodels and renovations on your social media, but your business can’t seem to attract the right market. Why is that?

With so many different marketing strategies, it can be difficult to know which are the most effective ones for your business. Do you use the same marketing strategy that retailers use? Can you use the same technique as an e-commerce business does? Will you target the right market when you follow the same steps of identifying audiences as other companies do?

Rely on Referrals

Look, many home improvement companies rely heavily on referrals. They need word-of-mouth recommendations. They need their past and present customers to recommend them to their friends, families, and acquaintances. This is the best way to get new customers because these are the people who have seen your work. They have visited their friends’ homes and saw what you did there.

Provide Value for Money

But to be recommended to friends and family, you need to do an extraordinary job of wowing your present clients. It’s not enough to be great at marketing your business; you have to impress them, too. This is not only about the output but the finances, too. Customers want their money’s worth. That’s what you should provide them—value for money. Sure, you can be the best home improvement company, but that’s inconsequential if you charge tens of thousands of dollars.

Be Modern

Stop relying on the same old home improvement methods. There are plenty of ways to improve a home today that don’t require taking down walls or stairs. Offer modern techniques on how you can boost their home’s appeal. For the exterior wall, provide render supplies instead of using plaster. For the interior, think outside the box and offer movable walls. Even though your clients are willing to spend money on home improvement, that doesn’t mean they want to do it again and again. Make your designs long-lasting.

Build a Community

Home renovation and improvement projects are big undertakings. Homeowners have to consider many things before they will finally decide to renovate their homes. So, how can you convince them that today is the right time and you are the right company for the job? You need to build a community that will share their experiences about home renovation. Many of them will give tips and advice for those who are thinking about improving their abode.

This is the same community that will vouch for you. They are going to listen to your “expert” opinion. You don’t always have to hard-sell your services. You can also be a “guide” for these people who are looking for an expert opinion minus the sales talk.

Create Blogs

Clients need to “experience” your service. You can’t tour them around the homes you renovated. The best thing for you to do is to create a series of blogs and showcase the behind-the-scenes of your work. Of course, you have to ask the homeowners if they will allow you to record your work. Most of them will not mind as long as you protect their privacy (and you don’t reveal too much of the house).

Through the blogs, you can introduce the services that you are offering. You can showcase what makes you different from your competitors. This is a great way to appeal to potential clients and market the company.

Use Your Website
graph showing website traffice

Most home improvement firms have a website, but they don’t maximize its potential. Update your website whenever you can with blogs, photos, videos, and links to your vlogs. Make sure that the website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Even tech-challenged individuals should be able to browse through the website without encountering any problem. Think of your brand when you design the layout of your website.

Home improvement companies are challenging to run because many people want to do the renovations themselves. You need to make your company incomparable. You have to showcase to your clients that they need to hire you because of the unique things you bring to the table. Use every arsenal—traditional and modern—to your advantage. Whether it’s meeting people face-to-face or making a vlog, these methods will expand your reach.

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