Online Marketing Tips for Sales Agents to Sell More on Social Media

Sales representatives that sell through massive social media platforms tend to sell more and reach their goals faster. However, over 75% of sales agents don’t include it in their overall sales strategy. The reason? Most don’t know where to start.

Social media can provide significant benefits for any business and help out any agent boost their scales when used efficiently. In fact, social selling can increase a company’s revenue by up to 16%.

Whether you’re selling Metamark print work or vinyl or promoting repair services, here are tips to increase sales on social media.

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Post Engaging Content

If you want to increase sales and grow your following on social media over time, you need to post captivating content consistently. That’s because audiences respond differently depending on posting frequency, so it’s best to test out various posting schedules to see what your audience prefers. However, remember that there aren’t any ‘neutral’ reactions, so if you deem a post not to be good enough, don’t post it.

Keep Track of What People Are Saying About Your Business

Social media is a great place for listening to and participating in consumer conversations. Monitoring your online audience helps you generate new leads, discover new marketing techniques, determine customer ‘pain points,’ and gauge motivations. Plus, it lets you help any dissatisfied customer as soon as possible.

Create Micro-content for Social Feeds

Consider the context where most internet users browse social media, whether they’re on their phones during their commute or killing time while waiting for their favorite show to come back after the commercials. These users have one thing in common — they often scroll in-between doing other tasks. Because of this, bite-sized content has never been more efficient, giving you an easy but effective way of captivating your audience.

For instance, if you’re selling products for football players, on your site, you may have written an article named “6 Best Exercises to Improve Your Football Skills.” You need to repurpose the content into seven pieces of bite-sized or ‘micro’ content for use on social media and one for each exercise. Doing this is more efficient than cramming an entire blog post into a smaller social media experience like Snapchat or Twitter.

Make Your Services/Products’ Shareable’

Social share buttons are a crucial element in boosting your brand’s “virality,” which, in turn, can drive traffic and increase your sales. That’s why ensure you add buttons to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your posts to make it easy for users to find. You may want the buttons to match your website’s visual aesthetic, but if you find that your visitors aren’t using them enough, you can always swap back to their original colors.

Encourage Consumers to Share their Experiences

Success on social media depends on how many consumers talk about you or your brand. That’s why it’s best to encourage your clients to share their favorite items from your product line during or after a purchase. Doing this gives prospective customers an idea of what you have to offer while establishing credible reviews or opinions about your offers, making it more appealing and genuine — ultimately increasing sales.

Take advantage of social media’s ever-rising popularity to stand out among the rest — and implement any of the tips mentioned to help you become one step closer to online success, boosting your sales, reputation, and achieving overall success.

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