Overcoming Stress: Help Your Staff Manage Their Stress Levels

Creative sign with the text - Relaxed x StressedDeadlines and “rush jobs” are probably two of the most stress-inducing words used at work. Whether it is the boss issuing the orders or you pushing yourself to the limit, the generated stress would take its toll on the body and lead to health problems. Such was the case of Japanese reporter 31-year-old Miwa Sato, who worked for more than 150 hours in overtime in just one month and only had two days off. He died of congestive heart failure in 2013.

Stress kills and Miwa is not the only casualty. But how does one avoid stress when it comes with the work package? Every employee should know the work system that would work best for you.

Create a Work System that Benefits You

When you feel that the workload is way over your head and you are on the brink of a panic attack — breathe. Exhale the tensions from your body, and it will help you think clearly. Focus, formulate a plan and then act. If you have an idea of how your day would be tomorrow, it would be better to plan.

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The night before going to work, you should create a schedule that manages your time from the moment you wake up to how long it would take you to prepare for work. You should also know your strong points and weak points, so you would know which tasks you could do on your own or would need the help of other reliable people.

Though many people place a great deal of value on multi-tasking, research has shown that people can’t focus on a vital task when their attention is divided. While others may boldly declare that they work well under pressure, many employees tend to miss details when they do things at the last minute.

Know H #ow to Manage Stress at Work

If you are prone to panic attacks, you can use music that would put you in a good mood to work. Set up a work environment that encourages concentration. You can buy desk systems that would meet your staff’s needs, so their desk remains clutter-free. A clutter-free table would promote concentration and help your staff focus on work.

There are now various desk systems that would help an employee become efficient at work. But before running to the nearest furniture store, consider the size of the office and the size of the space allocated for you. If there is limited space, cubicle desks might be better. But for those who have the luxury of space, they could select a functional and practical table that would allow them to organize their things.

Stress Management Depends on You

Help your staff manage their stress levels by managing what they and you can control:  their schedule and work environment. Give them time to go on vacation and provide incentives for doing a job well done.

Vacations give them time to relax and provide a new perspective that will re-energize them.  Stress is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life, especially at work. Whether you would allow stress to beat you or overcome it will depend on you.

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