Protect the Earth with Eco-friendly Funeral Choices

casket inside of carPeople who are environmentally conscious can leave this knowing that they will leave it without making a big carbon footprint. If you want to plan a funeral that’s eco-friendly, you have to take a lot of care. Here’s how exactly you’re going to do that kind of planning.

Funerals can be environmentally friendly, but most basic funerals are far away from being ecologically safe. A truly eco-friendly funeral and burial requires a lot careful planning and consideration. If you want to have a funeral that protects the environment and does not expand your carbon footprint, these are the steps you need to take to ensure that that’s what you get.

Go for burial

Many people have shied away from burials and opted for cremations because they feel that cremations are more environmentally friendly, but that is not completely true. The entire process of cremation generates as much carbon dioxide as a five-hundred-mile journey. The intense heat involved in the process also releases other harmful toxic gases and other pollutants. It is, therefore, better to go for a burial. But that statement has to be qualified. Burials at a standard cemetery are still not as eco-friendly as you might think. When you do go for a burial, choose one that’s natural and do it near woodlands.

Choose the right coffin

men carrying casketBurials require coffins, and if you want an eco-friendly funeral, you might wish to have a casket that would be safe for the environment. You should consider one that isn’t made from mahogany. Many people argue that wood is environmentally friendly because it will naturally degrade over time. While that’s true enough, the problem is that the creation of such a coffin requires felling a lot of trees.

Some better options are cardboard, bamboo, or rattan. Cardboard coffins are normally made using recycled materials. While many don’t think that this looks elegant, some makers have created beautiful cardboard coffins. Bamboo and rattan are also preferable because they are made from fast-growing materials.

Simplify the ceremony

Another way to make funerals environmentally friendly would be to avoid printing programs on paper fliers. Even if recycled materials are used, it could still leave a carbon footprint. A better alternative is to create a solemn and simple program sent online or through email. Try to invite only those people closest to you, and if any memorial is to take place, the ceremony would be simple and easy enough to coordinate. Also, instead of having people throw flowers into the grave, have people plant trees or flowers. This will certainly have a much better impact on the environment and would be a good way to remember the deceased.

Many companies now offer funerals that are eco-friendly and can help you plan one for yourself. Of course, the key is to be careful with the choice of a funeral company and look through their services whether they truly offer green funeral services. Do your homework and research any claims that they might make towards being environmentally friendly. When you do find a competent service provider, sit down with them to discuss your plans for your last wishes to save the planet.

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