Read This Before You Buy Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are floor mats made specifically to reduce pressure on the foot caused by standing for long hours. They can be used both for industrial use or home use.

Why You Should Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

It is such a good feeling standing on softly cushioned mats, but it could cause problems in the long term. Those who spend long hours standing, such as caterers and chefs, often complain of foot, back or knee pain after some years.

This pain is caused by the constant stress that is exerted on the feet. To avoid these pains, anti-fatigue kitchen mats are the solution. They decrease the pressure on the feet lessening the pain and long-term effects of standing for long.

However, these mats might not completely do away with the pain as other factors also come into play such as the nature of work and the floor materials, among others.

Features, Density, and Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Rolled black rubber mat in white backgroundAll anti-fatigue mats have stress-relieving properties — they all serve this same purpose. However, they vary in features, size and material used. Some mats are heavy-duty, while others are not. Which one you choose depends on where you intend to use it.

For instance, light-duty mats are ideal as kitchen floor mats and bathroom mats. You could also use this type of mat in places where standing is not for very long hours, such as shops.

Heavy-duty mats, on the other hand, are best suited for industrial use. Their thickness is at least 3/8” and are made for alleviating foot stress. A denser mat is more comfortable on the feet and less tiring to walk on as opposed to a soft mat.

When the mat is soft, it becomes difficult to walk on. It’s similar to walking on beach sand. So, if spending too much time standing, a denser mat of at least 3/8–1/2″ or anything close to 1″ thick would be the best.

Also, go for mats with tapered edges. They prevent tripping hazards. The wider the taper, the better it is. For industrial use, square or long runner anti-fatigue mats are ideal. If for a short counter, a short rectangular mat of at least 2’ x 3′ long would work better, but for a longer counter, a 6’–8′ is best.

Go for a size that will prevent you from constantly stepping in and out of the mat. It will beat the essence of buying an anti-fatigue mat. To get the perfect sizing, measure the area you intend to place the mat.

How to Maintain Anti-Fatigue Mats

When buying an anti-fatigue kitchen or bathroom mat, go for one that is washable as it will require frequent washes. This will prevent it from harbouring germs and dirt. When buying masts for industrial use, look for one that can be vacuum-cleaned. Replace your mat as soon as you notice any cracks and tears.

Anti-fatigue mats are not just another hyped decor item. Their benefits are backed by tried and tested research as well as first-hand experiences.

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