Steps in Becoming a Bail Bondsman

The profession of a bail bond agent demands people with excellent negotiation skills, confidence, and intellectual proclivity for finance. Bail bond agents can work independently or with the backing of insurance companies. Bondsmen should be licensed and regulated by the relevant department in the state. Since the market is competitive, a bail bond agent must stand out from the rest.

You do not wake up in the morning and decide to become a bail bond agent; you must adhere to specific requirements. You need to follow specific procedures of how to be a bail bondsman. These steps will help you to start your journey to becoming a bondsman and making sure that you do not rub shoulders with the authorities.

Determine eligibility

The first step to becoming a bondsman is to know how eligible you are so that you meet the requirements. Anyone who wants to become a bail bondsman should be over 18 years, have proof of residence in the city for not less than two years, have the sponsorship of an insurance firm, and pass the criminal background check. Additionally, the person must have finished the pre-licensing course and pass the commissioner exam for licensing. The person should not have committed an offense.

Pursue all the necessary education

Most states require candidates to complete school and training of at least 12 hours before they take the licensing exam. Additionally, the bail bondsman profession is a financial management area; thus, most of these professionals have a robust background in business or finance. The candidates undergo a training course or training sessions that entail state bonds law, ethics, licensing, insurance guidelines, and rights of the accused. An independent firm or the insurance department conducts the licensing exams. Most candidates establish a good working relationship with insurance firms by working as their employees or interns.

Pass the licensing exam

After filing the license application, candidates are required to sit for the commissioner’s exam. You should also pay for the exam fee after getting scheduled for the test. Usually, candidates should score at least 70 percent to pass the exam, but they are allowed to redo the review several times until they pass. After completing the exam, candidates are fingerprinted for the criminal background check.

Get insured or accumulate funds for collateral


Bondsmen should have large amounts of money for them to have a sustainable business. The money is used to cover the bail costs of their clients. A professional bondsman deposit approved securities or personal cash directly to the court clerk as security for the bonds written. As such, you cannot afford to have small amounts of money because you will not be able to maintain the bail bond business.

The career path of bail guarantors is vast because it varies based on state requirements. Besides, each state has its laws regarding bail bonds. However, the procedure mentioned above is standard for most states in the country. It offers a guideline to candidates. Also, bail bondsmen must observe the rate that people are getting bail bonds in the city and network with law enforcement officers.

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