Why City Dwellers Should Consider Moving to the Country

Thanks to USDA loans in Orem, Utah, and other growing communities, many low and medium-income families have a better chance at home ownership. These mortgages have friendlier income and credit eligibility rules. They have down payment requirements, but USDA-approved lenders accept gift funds to cover 100% of upfront costs, so borrowers do not have to pay anything out of pocket.

The only catch with USDA loans is that their usage is generally restricted to properties in rural areas. Those who were born and raised in the city might find this limitation unappealing, but country living is attractive on many levels. Yes, the countryside lacks the modern conveniences of a metropolitan area, but it is not necessarily bad a thing. Here are the surprising benefits of rural life:

1. Security

The only real advantage of buying a house against renting is security. The feeling of owning the roof above your head and sleeping without the fear that a landlord might not agree to a lease renewal is invaluable to anyone raising a family. You can attain this sense of security if you qualify for a mortgage in the city, but there is no denying that such a loan is more laborious to repay than one in the country. If you can find stable employment in a rural location, you can have the means to buy and maintain a more significant property more efficiently.

2. Greenery

Abundant green space is another quality that many American cities lack. Sure, many urban locations have parks and have trees planted on the streets, but the presence of nature always shrinks next to a high volume of people and motor vehicles. Vegetation is something that a rural community always has in spades. It satisfies your family’s Biophilia, and all of your get to peace and serenity with less noise and heat.

3. Sanity

Rural home

Rural residents are less likely to develop psychological disorders because of the very setting they live in. Studies have proven again and again that the stressors almost exclusively found in urban locations wreak havoc on city dwellers. Green country alleviates sadness and depression, and nature itself is already a reason to be happy. The therapeutic power of the environment is never overrated. Being exposed to less green space on a regular basis contributes to extreme anxiety.

4. Safety

The crime rates in rural locations are usually much lower than those in urban settings. Moving far away from where most people live does not eliminate the possibility of falling victim to a violent crime, but you are significantly less likely to get mugged, raped, and murdered in the country.

5. Affordability

The cost of living recedes the more you reside farther from the city. Of course, you can attribute this fact to the smaller local economy, but you can feel less pressure to make money because of cheaper groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and, as mentioned, housing.

The transition between city living and country living can be challenging, but it is a necessary process to build the life that you want for your family. Start shopping around for rural properties and USDA loans to start realizing your American dream.

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