How Does Google My Business Boost Your Website Traffic?

According to Search Engine Land, 50 percent of consumers who did a local search on their phone visited the same store they saw online on the same day. This means that these leads converted into sales, or at least went to the store on the same day, because of the brand’s online presence and easily accessible listing. And using Google My Business is just one of the ways you can show up on a search engine results page (SERP).

Google My Business allows you to do a couple things. One, it helps you manage how the information on your store or brand appears on SERP and Maps. And two, it helps you interact with your customers, giving you a platform to introduce your business. It’s free, easy to use, and helpful in boosting your website’s traffic.

How does it do it?

The Value of Google My Business for Your Business

Google My Business is an important part of optimizing your business for local SEO marketing. When you verify your business information on the platform, you’re more likely to be thought of as reputable by shoppers or clients. Why? Because the details about your store or company, from its location to its operating hours, are accurate and up-to-date. Customers who can reach you based on online info will have the confidence to choose your products or services because your consistent information means you’re reliable.

Also, online visibility tends to prompt consumers to do business with companies versus those that aren’t appearing online.

Maximizing Online Opportunities

Once you’ve signed up for a business listing or profile on Google My Business, your company becomes a part of an online directory of similar businesses in the area. The listing displays all of your contact information, like phone number, email address, exact physical address, and social media in just one page.

Aside from easy access to your business’s address and contact information, Google My Business also allows you to interact with your clients better through a reply feature on your online reviews. Reviews give you insight into how you’re performing as a service or delivering products. Even when the criticisms are negative, your business can still bounce back by addressing them professionally, politely, and consistently. Customers tend to return to brands that redeemed themselves by treating reviews as opportunities rather than purely negative feedback.

Here are other features on Google My Business that you can maximize:

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  • Highly customizable listing

You can also add photos to your listing. You can also customize your business profile to include specific attributes that might set your business apart from the others. According to Google, brands that feature images get 42 percent more requests for driving directions on Maps and 35 percent more click-throughs to their sites than businesses that have no photos.

  • Google Bookings

You can use Google Bookings to allow your customers to book appointments with you directly on your page. If your business is in the service industry, then this offers your potential clients the convenience of going to your site and looking for your booking page.

  • Google Insights

Google Insights allows you to monitor how many visits and clicks your business is getting on Google My Business. Having access to this statistic is especially useful if you’re testing out new advertising methods on the app and want to know how it’s faring.

Additionally, it also lets you know how people are reaching your store and who these visits are from. Are you reaching out well to your target audience? Is your business also appealing to a different age group?

  • Google Posts

Google Posts lets your customers know of your press releases and new offers on your website. You can optimize this feature by producing catchy headlines that will grab your customer’s attention.

Google My Business is a useful tool that can significantly boost your business’s online and offline presence. Use it to your advantage by optimizing its features, and watch your local traffic improve.

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