How To Physically Keep Fit At The Office

Getting physically active isn’t usually something we associate with an office job: after all, the sprint from our desks to the pantry may be the only exercise that we can get all day. But there’s a lot of benefit to sneaking in a little exercise at work, not only because it makes your body function better, but it can actually help you get your work turned around faster.

More and more companies around the world are starting to see the benefits of company exercise, and some have even gone the extra mile and integrated it with their company regulations. And even if your company isn’t one of them, most companies will generally allow a couple of minutes of exercise time. A healthy employee means a healthy workforce for them, after all.

There are several ways that you can start switching to a more physically-oriented workplace, and these methods don’t need a lot of investment from you or your company. With a little patience and some persistence, you can find yourself being more physically active at work within minutes.

You’ll need the right tools

First of all, it’s important to not minimize the “sitting down” part of your job. We’re not suggesting that you work all day from a standing desk (though in some places that is the case,) but to make your periods of sitting down more comfortable. Get yourself an ergonomic office chair, or bring a mousepad with a wrist rest with you. It’s small differences like that which can help you deal with the long hours of sitting down much easier.

Make conscious changes to your routine

employees having a break

It’s simple to forget things when you don’t give yourself the opportunity (or the alarms) to help you remember them. A huge key factor when it comes to establishing routines is consistency. For example, setting a timer that will remind you to get up and stretch every few hours is something actionable that you can easily set and follow. Or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator every other day can also help. These small changes in your routine will add up, and help you keep yourself physically active throughout the workweek.

Take conscious breaks

Finally, there’s a reason why having a break in the middle of your work is useful: it helps give your brain a reset. We’re not machines designed to keep running 24/7 or even consistently on one task — doing so is a recipe to exhaust and burn us out immediately. Taking conscious breaks and just doing something else aside from sitting down and typing at your computer is always a good idea. Take a walk, sprint up the stairs, do cartwheels on your building roof — just moving in general.

Remember that keeping a physically active body helps out the mind quite a bit, and can allow you to be more productive at work and can lessen stress. And while we’re certainly not suggesting that you pass by the gym in the middle of your tasks, having a little flex here and there certainly wouldn’t hurt your body.

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