Keeping Your House Clean without Marie Kondo-ing

A Japanese author and “tidying expert” named Marie Kondo or KonMari has taken households by storm when she introduced a decluttering method that basically says you can let go of things that don’t spark joy.

But what if everything you own sparks joy? Does that mean you need to live in a chaotic world every day? How do you keep your house kempt? Thankfully, there is a way.

Proper waste management

We can’t really do away with garbage, but we can dispose them of properly. If you’re in Sydney, look for waste bin hire service, or as others call it, skip bin hire.

There are many advantages to hiring professionals to get rid of your waste. Some of them are:

  • Convenience. Our scraps fall into different categories—there are at least five—so segregating them on our own takes time.
  • Safety. We all know that some wastes are hazardous and handling them improperly poses risks to our health and even the environment.
  • Legal Compliance. Some countries have strict waste management laws and disobeying them may put you in legal trouble.

Clean, use, and organize

One of the reasons we have too many belongings is we keep buying stuff we think we need, only to find out later that we already have the same item. It’s just buried under a growing pile of other things we don’t use. Others buy them to show off on social media, like what happened to a social media influencer who incurred approximately $10,000 of debt.

organized room

So, instead of going to your favorite shops during the sale season, go through your belongings once again. Organize them and use them. One reason our things loses their “spark” is that we no longer use them.

Also, if we use all our belongings alternatively, we’ll realize that we do not need to buy new ones.

To organize your items, experts suggest the following:

  • Use organizers with plenty of clear pockets. Using clear compartments makes it easy for you to look for tiny objects such as jewelry. In addition, several pockets in one organizer save space.
  • Use storage options that are aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful furniture simply doesn’t match with any mess. You will then be obliged to keep it clean.
  • Have a place for everything. Whether it’s your shoes, your keys, or your dentures, you should keep them in the right place. This will avoid having to turn everything upside down looking for a missing item.


If you have movies in DVDs, music in CDs, or books in hardbound cover, you can transfer them to a flash drive or cloud storage. You’re not getting rid of them per se; you’re just moving them into their new home. Anyway, it’s the content that matters.

Transferring movies and music is easy. If you have a CD or DVD reader, you can do it on your own. Books require more time, however. But there are mobile apps now that has a scan feature that will allow you to save the scanned documents to your phone.

Printed photos may be scanned and saved digitally. Big portraits, in contrast, can be framed and hanged.

Decluttering is indeed a good way to keep our places clean. But for some of us who are sold on the idea of minimalism, there are still other ways to get out of this clutter. With proper waste management, organization, and digitization, we can live in a tidy environment.

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