Selling Online? Here Are Flexible Service Options You Can Give Your Customers

Online shopping is all about convenience, which means even just a minor trouble for your customer may result in profit loss for you.

One way you can avoid this is by ironing out your entire business process, such as your shipping strategy, before going live. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, your online store cannot let your customers see or touch the products to check the quality before buying. And, although your products may be of high quality, product mishandling during transport can ruin your reputation.

Choose a courier partner that will take care of your products the way you do, and be clear about your business requirements. As early as possible, get cost estimates. It’s best if you can get an accurate figure because, according to says, when you accurately anticipate delivery fees, “you can provide a quote for your project with confidence, and quickly invoice your customers within one business day.” Again, this goes back to providing your customers with the convenience they are looking for.

Apart from this, flexibility in payment or shipping methods also allows for an easier transaction, especially for your customers. To that end, give them options when they visit your online store.

Mode of Payment

Hand holding credit card online shoppingIn the US, the most popular mode of payment for online shopping is the credit card. Don’t limit your store to this mode of payment only just because it is preferred by many. Shoppers also pay through PayPal and debit cards, so you must provide these methods as well.

In recent years, people have also used digital wallets frequently, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Digital wallets can be used to transfer funds from cash cards or ATM cards like VISA or Mastercard to other accounts.

Other people prefer to pay cash to the courier when their item arrives. For these customers, cash-on-delivery is the safest option to transact online. They can check the package’s contents before they pay, and they don’t have to give away their bank account details.

Delivery Service Options

While it’s true that you should entrust your products only to a reputable courier partner, it’s also smart to partner with multiple shipping companies. Doing so gives your customers the option to choose which company they want to deliver their orders based on their requirements.

Some couriers provide next-day deliveries, which are ideal for customers who need their items urgently. On the other hand, there are shipping companies that offer low-cost services, which are more suitable for customers on a strict budget. However, you have to make sure that, despite their tempting price, these couriers can handle your products well.

Personalization Option

Businesses are now personal, and personalization is now business.

You should give your customers the option to customize the products they order – whether it’s a shirt, a candle, or a pair of shoes. It does not only give your customers options, but you also give your brand a distinct impression.

When you let your customers choose the product color or you embroider their names on an item, you bring excitement to their buying experience. Product customization is in place in many physical stores, but it is done more easily online. You can provide your customers with an exact digital replica of the product they created before you ship it, therefore minimizing errors and rejected orders.

Flexibility also means convenience, and you can provide it by giving options. You should not let your customers get stuck with the same, old offers. Giving your customers more choices is also giving them more reasons to patronize your online shop.

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