Top Ways to Improve Team Communication at Work

Communication is integral to a company’s success. Aside from installing a PBX phone system in their small business office, many managers attend seminars that teach them how to better communicate with their peers and employees.

After all, lack of good communication within an organization will definitely lead to that company’s demise. But if you don’t have the funds or the time yet to attend these seminars, follow these tips.

Always be ready to talk to your employees

In office terms, this is often referred to as the “open door policy.” It means that you’re willing to accommodate employees with their concerns about their tasks or anything related to your company.

Offer solutions

It’s not enough to inform your employees that you have an open door policy, though. Granted that not all situations can be solved in a few minutes, but when one of your employees come to you with a particular concern, you should be able to offer something more than just a statement like, “I’ll look into that.”

Otherwise, they’ll know you’re just putting up a facade and that you have no intention of helping them out. So, be decisive and proactive.

Show your appreciation

Every time one of your employees finishes a task on time or does a job perfectly well, it would be helpful to tell them that they’ve done a nice job. It would also be helpful to let them know now and then that you appreciate their efforts.

Be clear about their roles

Communicate clearly the roles and responsibilities of your employees to them so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. Not being clear about each person’s tasks and responsibilities will lead to one individual winging everything and perhaps not exerting all of his efforts.

Have get-togethers regularly

It’s also important that your employees get to communicate with you and their peers in a venue other than the office and in a setting that’s not as formal. Sharing a beer or grabbing dinner with your employees can help them be more open to you, which will help your communication within the group inside the office be better.

But set boundaries, too

Talking shop after office may be a good habit for you to start with your employees, but you have to set the boundaries and let them know that not all topics of conversation should be discussed during these times. You may be outside the office but that doesn’t mean they should forget that you’re their boss. There’s a lot of sensitive company information that shouldn’t be discussed with your employees regardless of the setting.

Make time for team-building activities

Team Building activity

One of the best ways to improve the communication of your team is to conduct team-building activities regularly. You can ask them to play games like “Blind Drawing” or “The Mine Field” where constant and clear communication is integral for them to be successful.

These exercises will hone not only their communication skills but also their creativity and problem-solving skills. Help your employees be more open and communicative with each other and with you. These activities are great ice-breakers and often lead people to becoming more open and comfortable with one another.

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