What You Need to Know About SEO Marketing

What separates successful e-commerce brands from ones that never take off? It’s SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization. In this video, the presenter talks about what SEO is, and why SEO marketing is vital for businesses fighting for online viewers.

Using illustrations, the presenter explains how SEO can improve both the quantity and quality of your online audience. SEO marketing is what causes your shop to pop up in the results of popular search engines.

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The traffic that comes from SEO is organic, meaning that it isn’t bought through paid ads. It simply takes advantage of keywords and other data to help increase your presence in search results.

The video introduces the concepts of on-site and offsite SEO. There is content both on your web pages and in the metadata displayed by search results that will help optimize your brand and its services. There are also ways to get more viewers to your website from other web pages and links to your site. Social media platforms are also important ingredients for driving more search results to online audiences.

SEO is critical for getting eyes on your service or product, and this video serves as a good primer on the topic. It also advertises courses where you can take a deeper dive and help the online presence of your business stand out.

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