Before You Consider Expansion, Try These Warehouse Space Utilization Hacks

Managing warehouse spaces is one of the primary challenges faced by enterprises, especially those involved in the retail, manufacturing, and logistics industries. When your distribution center runs out of space, it could be a sign that your business is booming. If that’s the case, it’s natural to consider expanding your facility. Before you proceed with extending your commercial space, however, try these hacks to maximize your current facility’s capacity:

Go Vertical With a Pallet Racking System

A heavy-duty pallet racking system allows businesses to make better use of their limited storage space. Carrying out an inventory can be extra challenging in a crowded place, especially when there’s a congestion of merchandise. By following a vertical stacking system, your goods will take up less floor space, allowing you even to customize your system to make room for the drive-in, pushback, or carton flow racks.

When choosing a pallet racking system, though, make sure you’re buying the sturdiest option to ensure your racks will endure the weight of several levels of goods. It’s also safe to ask the manufacturer if the system can resist massive truck impacts to prevent subjecting your merchandise to damage.

Measure Efficiency Using a Space Utilization Software

Consumers today expect their orders to arrive on the next day, if not on the same day. To keep up with the growing demand, and make order fulfillment more efficient, invest in a space utilization software which you can use along with your pallet racking system.

Warehouse space utilization software uses your inventory storage capacity to measure efficiency. It can tell whether you are running out of space or stocks and even report if your inventory replenishment processes are too slow.

Use Underutilized Space

When it comes to utilizing your space, you can try different options. First, you can reduce the width of wide aisles in the racking area. Just make sure that your lift equipment can efficiently operate in those areas. If you have a conveyor in the center of your warehouse, you can hang a shelf above it to maximize your space.

Another useful hack is to install a mezzanine. This can double your floor space and improve warehouse efficiency, as long as the floor loading can handle the addition. Consult your structural engineer about the viability of this option before proceeding with the construction.

Rent Storage Space

Managing warehouse

If all else fails, you can always rent commercial storage spaces or trailers. Of course, you want to protect the privacy and security of your goods, so the former option can be less desirable. But bringing in other trailers in your facility works better than a building expansion. Especially if you want additional storage to satisfy your short-term or seasonal needs, this can help you save a lot of overhead costs.

Maximizing your warehouse capacity not only improves efficiency but also reduces manual labor and helps improve other metrics, such as order accuracy and on-time delivery. Lastly, remember that space utilization is not something you do once; it’s an ongoing process that you must commit to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing demand.

As a final word, bear in mind that these hacks work only if your need for extra storage space is temporary. If the business is booming and you’ve tried all the space utilization techniques out there, then expansion is your next best option.

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